Give better feed to sow two week of farrowing for healthy piglets.

60 day old piglet must be weaned .

Swine fever vaccination must be done on the day of weaning. Or on the 45th day after birth.

If piglets are weak give 10 gram glucose divided in three does.

Boar must meet sow maximum three times a week.

Growers need 6 liter of water per day.

Sow need 8 liter of water per day

Minimum protein is 20% for starter,18 % for grower, 16% for finishers.

Pigs like watery food instead of dry food so mix half of water in feed.

Vitamins a b c d and mineral are essential for good growth.

Cures skin diseases, hairfall ,weight loss. The diet which contain more protein and calcium are the main reason for zinc deficiency.
Dose of zinc- 100 gm/100 kg feed

Due to iron deficiency thumbs disease occurs in which piglets have difficulty in breathing.
Give pregnant sow 20 gm iron mixture per day
Give iron injections to piglet 1 ml
On third day and twenty first day after birth

Weakness in back portion of piglets after one month of age.
Shivering in rear legs.
125-250 mg copper sulphate per kg of feed should be mix.

It is necessary for proper growth.
200 mg/ kg of feed should be added.

Both are important for proper growth.
For proper bone health both should be in 1:1 ratio.