The most critical time of pig’s life is from birth to weaning. Fifty percent of piglets mortility occurs with in five days of birth.
Cut the needle teeth of piglets after birth. Spray iodine solution on navel cord, clean piglets with a cloth, piglets are deficient in iron so give them a iron supplement. Over dose of iron may cause diarrhea.

Provide piglets a good bedding of straw. Wash pen with detergent, spray some medicine like omnicide in the pen which will remove all pathogen responsible for causing diseases.

A piglet must be received his nutrition solely from his mother’s milk. If mother milk is not available goat milk may be a good substitute. piglet must be weaned at the age of 8-10 weeks.

Some processing in piglets care are as follows-
Iron injections –
An important and essential procedure for confinement raised swine Not giving iron and result in anemia, scours,poor health
Most important for fast growing pigs Give 1 cc on day 2-3 and another at day 14 OR give 1.5 cc on day 2-3.

Tail docking-
Done to prevent tail biting in growing-finishing pigs especially in confinement
Tail removed ½ – ¾” from base of tail

Emasculator, wire cutters, scalpel, hot docking iron (less stress response)
Do NOT do on day of birth – wait until pigs have ingested colostrum (do on day 3 with iron shot)

Clipping needle teeth

Done because the sharp teeth can damage the sow’s udder and other pigs and prevention of greasy pig disease.

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